JUNE 18th-21st, 2015

Welcome to the 14th annual Seldovia Summer Solstice Music Festival, held in a most beautiful setting where the eagles awaken you to another day to enjoy the snow-topped mountains as a backdrop. The blue, blue ocean bids you to watch for playful otters, and the sounds and scents coming from the shops and attractions ask you to explore the many nooks and crannies of our special town! Our walking map actually has listed over 101 things to do in Seldovia, so get going with the exciting Summer Solstice Music Festival always held over the longest weekend of the year!

This year we are so pleased to present  as headliners for the Festival, the very innovative Inuit band Pamyua that has entertained all over Alaska and the world with their drum songs of native traditional music mixed with a fusion of Yupik dance. You will be amazed!

Adding to our first time in Seldovia headliners will be a great variety and mix of new-to-Seldovia artists as well as a reunion of past favorites we just haven’t heard enough of, including a poet! In addition, the 2nd annual “En Plein Air” event, featuring artists from around Alaska capturing the beauty of Seldovia scapes, will take place. A silent auction of their work will be held Sunday morning.

PAMYUA   brings Inuit music to the world. “The most famous Inuit band in the world,” says Rolling Stone Magazine (Italy).  “One of the 10 greatest Alaska artists of the millennium,” says Alaska Magazine. Their music showcases drum songs from the Inuit cultures of Greenland and Alaska. Pamyua’s vocalists bring “a blizzard of interlocking harmonies,” says Native People Magazine. Pamyua reminds listeners to embrace relationships with honor, humility and tolerance. PAMYUA  pronounced “bum yo-ah” is an Inuit word meaning: to request an encore of a drum song or dance (verb) and the tail of an animal, object or idea (noun). Many Americans were introduced to Inuit music watching the Canadian epic, The Fast Runner, but for more than a decade Pamyua has released traditional Inuit (Yup’ik) drum songs from Alaska with a distinct and unique American sound.

Together for more than 15 years, Pamyua has entertained millions with their fusion of traditional Inuit music and Yup’ik dance performance. Founding members Phillip Blanchett, Stephen Blanchett and Ossie Kairaiuak are from the Yukon/ Kuskokwim River Delta region in southwestern Alaska. Karina Moeller also a founding member is from Nuuk, Greenland. Pamyua found national recognition winning “Record of the Year” at the 2003 Native American Music Awards and is now a cultural treasure across the circumpolar north. Pamyua represents the enduring heritage of Inuit people. Their performance encourages audiences to appreciate indigenous traditions while relating ancient traditional wisdom into modern culture. Pamyua believes that unity is possible through music and dance and the members interpret Inuit traditions masterfully with joy and sincerity. The response to this message is tremendous as the group is a symbol of pride for Alaska’s indigenous people and to all who see them perform. Pamyua also teaches and performs in schools continuing their work to communicate interactively to broaden awareness and inspire unity.

BRIAN SLOVER’S beautiful Native American Flute Music can often be heard in the morning and evening as it winds its way up the slough and into the wind. He has taken several eager Seldovia students under his wing to teach this wonderful instrument whose music comes straight from the heart and breath of its player. He grew up in Eagle River Alaska and after serving 20 years in the Navy as a corpsman moved back to Alaska to pursue his art. Moving to Seldovia has given Brian the solitude to explore both his flute and painting. He has published work in the Alaska Magazine and has an oil painting in the G. Bush Sr. Presidential Library, which was given to G. Bush Sr. while on deployment for Desert Storm of the 1st Gulf War at Thanksgiving on board USS NASSAU LHA-4.

WHEE DUET, Kathy Claiborne and Barry Dearborn, come to us from Anchorage. Kathy is a singer/songwriter from Anchorage with an emphasis on folk/pop/country songs and ballads. She spent five plus years on the mandolin and guitar with the quartet called M.A.K.. Also, she was part of a duet with Doc Schultz, playing as “Oldenweiser” for two plus years and a member of a duet with Meg Anderson called “Almost Angels”.

SWING 49   is a genre-melding gypsy swing band residing in the 49th state that brings a New Orleans/ Parisian sound to the Alaskan stage. They weave classic gypsy jazz tunes (ala Django Reinhardt) with swingified soul, blues, and original music. Don't be surprised if you hear a fret burning classical solo dissolve into a classic rock jam. Jackie Schafer’s vocals, at times playful and passionate, soar over the tight acoustic groove of this guitar driven ensemble featuring Tovi Newman, Forest Wilson, and Arkadi Futerman, while Logan Bean’s trumpet entices even the most reluctant dancers to grab a partner.

Swing 49 has been the official house band for the wildly popular Anchorage songwriter showcase “Parlor in the Round” for the 2014/2015 season. They perform regularly at festivals, weddings, and private and public events.


multi-talented musicians/composers, collaborate on a program of new original compositions and arrangements.

Yngvil Vatn Guttu is a musician, director, composer, producer, performer, writer, educator and community activist born in Oslo, Norway, educated in London and currently dividing her time between Anchorage and New York, where she regularly plays with two bands. Her music has drawn raves from media outlets such as the New York Times, which has called her music "engaging, versatile… [it ] soars with joy and plumbs the depths of loneliness, at times funny, at times suspenseful, trenchant and buoyant and packs plenty of mischief ”. Her latest album “On The Crosswalk” is currently ( April 2015) at # 5 in the US CMJ Top 40s Jazz Chart, and at # 8 in Canada.

Yngvil plays guitar, sings and likes supporting fellow musicians on any instrument she can lay her hands on. She started a non profit organization Northern Culture Exchange to engage Alaska’s creative talent in civic life across the circumpolar area. She is also the founding director of Spenard JazzFest.

Elena Lukina was born in north central Siberia, in the village of Pokrovsk, in the Republic of Yakutia (Sakha).  At the age of nine she was picked out by the Soviet government as having exceptional talent on the violin and sent 3000 miles away to Leningrad to train at the Rimsky Korsakov Academy. Lukina stayed in Leningrad for 15 years before returning to her home in Siberia, now a world class violinist. In the early 90's Lena moved to the “Last Frontier, Alaska”, where she learned to play other instruments, like viola and synth.

Lena started writing music in 2006, and in October 2007, releasing her first CD "Coming Home" by "L" (thanks to Kurt Riemann of Surreal Studios, Anchorage, AK), which was dedicated to Lena's Russian roots. The next project turned into another CD, "Bon Voyage - Cinema" (thanks to Greg Tauriello of Sweet 16 Studios, Cornville AZ, Kurt Riemann of Surreal Studios, Anchorage, AK, and Steve Avedis, Denver CO), which was released in October 2011.

DAVID LYNN GRIMES is a bardic trickster and wandering fool who has howled with wolves, run from bears and cavorted with killer whales. David's music is on an axis between Ireland and Brasil, influenced by American folk, gospel, jazz and blues traditions. Weaving outlandish stories of wild animal adventures with a diverse array of songs on guitar and acappela, performances are a blend of humor and deep emotion with a vital connection to rivers and ocean and the great green dream of the earth. Satisfaction is guaranteed and spontaneous healing has been reported.

our very own Seldovian songster, is back by public outcry! Betsy has been known, in performances, to go off with Brer Rabbit, a Whale tale, a European folk tale, or Shakespeare. Her musical influences draw from numerous wells: Folk, Opera, Jazz, Blues, Traditional, Spoken Word, World Music, Musical Theater, and Vaudeville. Whether singing acapella or with folks flowing and popping the beat, she fetches up laughter, tears, and everything in-between. Her first CD just released!

FOOD FOR THE SOUL has been playing together for well over 20 years.  All members are accomplished song-writers, multi-instrumentalists, and vocalists.  Their music is positive, full of harmonies, acoustic strings, and tunes that are fun, thoughtful, clever, and/or out to change the world.

Members of the group include: Suzanne Little, Jack Will, Sue Biggs, Vickie Tinker, Bonnie Nichols (Bonnie will be gone this year).

SHELBY & TIEG, Los Angeles based folk-pop, have been described as a modern Simon & Garfunkel (if one were a girl). Even never having toured, last month they played their 225th show and sold their 2,000th CD.Though they try to disguise their compositions with complex harmonies and intricate guitar, there’s no escaping that what they sing are fun original pop songs that aim to make you smile.

THE NUTHER BROTHERS: two fellas with an uncanny resemblance and a shared affinity for country, blues, folk and old rock & roll music, guitar, bass and singin'. Michael Faubion and Tom Torvie adopted each other as musical brothers when people started asking if they were brothers and some would not be convinced they weren't. Surrendering to the undeniable, they acknowledged they had each found in the other another brother, hence, the Nuther Brothers.

From years of playing the roadhouses and honky-tonks of Western America, they produced an instant and diverse repertoire of crowd-pleasing tunes—some familiar, some obscure, and some original. Since neither of these guys has any respect for tradition, most every song gets shuffled around some to fit their own debonair style.

Stefanie Bouchard and Melissa Glaves, are from the Kenai Soldotna area. They joined forces in 2006 as The Charmers Daughters. Their music cannot be pinned to any one genre; spanning folk, blues, rock, and country. Musically tied for more than 9 years, these two singer/songwriters have forged a bond of music that continues to grow and blossom with time, road trips and a splash of wine! Their harmonious partnership has taken them all over Alaska and into the Pacific Northwest. This is real life, "Git with it!!!"

CLARK WHITNEY is a fisher poet. He was just six years old when his family moved to Alaska many years ago. He has lived in Wrangell, Fairbanks, Nondalton, Kasilof and Soldotna where he is currently living.  In all of his years here, he has worked as a carpenter, roustabout, pipefitter, ski instructor, big game guide, commercial fisherman, and school teacher.  He currently works for the Kenai Peninsula School District as an eighth grade language arts teacher at Skyview Middle School just out of Soldotna.
Clark draws from his years of experience in Alaska as he writes short stories, poems and songs. He has performed in Kenai, Alaska and at the annual Fisher Poets Gathering in Astoria, Oregon for the past two years. He sings mostly Pacific Sea Shanties.

KEVIN WORRELL is making his second appearance at the Seldovia Summer Solstice Music Festival after raves from last year’s work with the Song Writers’ Workshop and the ease with which he could accompany other groups with his upright bass, piano or vocal harmonies. Also as a “stand alone” musician, he is entertaining and accomplished.  Kevin’s musical style is influenced greatly by his studies and travels and resides mainly at an intersection of root rock and folk pop. He’s at his very best in live performance; his songs come to life through stories of the people and places that inspire them.

HURRICANE DAVE, “Alaska’s Favorite Cheechako,” is celebrating his 40th anniversary as a professional performer, marking a journey that started in 1975 in the nightclubs and pizza joints of greater Washington, D.C. His trail of broken hearts and broken strings has taken him to Nashville, Southern California, Las Vegas, South Florida and, finally, The Great Land. Dave is known for his quirky original songs about life in the Last Frontier, including “A Grizzly Stole My Salmon But She Let Me Keep My Arm” and the Sarah Palin-inspired “Please Don’t Ask Me About Her.” The singer-guitarist’s cockeyed views and crowd-pleasing demeanor have made him a favorite at events from Chickenstock to Salmonstock to the Alaska State Fair. This is his second appearance at this festival.

      2015 Seldovia Summer Solstice Music Festival Program of Events !!

Thursday, June 18-

The festivities begin with the performers boarding the Seldovia Bay Ferry in Homer at 11:00 am for an hour ride of greeting and mixing it up with a jam session of favorite tunes to get everyone warmed up and in the spirit.  Any festival attendees are welcome to ride for a sneak preview of what’s to come and to enjoy the breathtaking view!

The performers will be greeted by the Seldovia Arts Council members and host families who will take them to their housing before the fun begins! There will be time to stroll around to find the school and to check out the town before the “Meet and Greet” held at the Linwood Bar and Grill starting at 5:30 pm where you can catch an early dinner before attending the very popular OPEN MIC' at the Susan B. English School with sign-ups at 7:30 pm and a start time of 8 pm. This is for the community members, visitors, or performers who would like to share a song, poem, story, or tune. This is always a fun, often a surprising opportunity to have a moment of stardom!

Friday, June 19-

This year we are giving the community and visitors an opportunity to hear short “Samplers” from the performers of what’s to come at the Friday and Saturday evening concerts! There will be several places throughout town that will host the performers during the day; depending on the weather, they may find themselves on a sunny deck or playing in our new harbor pavilion! At noon be sure to drop by the Seldovia Village Tribe (a major Festival sponsor) at the Alaska Tribal Cache Building for the Tribe’s Annual Picnic and a chance to hear Pamyua play. The main concert begins at 6:15 pm at Susan B. English School with the headliners and six of our 11 group lineup performing.  Check out the schedule as time gets closer.
Expect an intermission so you can scoop up a CD of your favorite performer(s), and visit the  commons for a delicious dessert and support the Children’s Fine Arts Camp!

Saturday, June 20-

Saturday always peps up our day with the popular YOGA hour (8:30 am) at the Seldovia Sea Otter Community Center followed by the favorite SONG CIRCLE at the Boardwalk Hotel deck (or tent) at 10:00 am with our musicians jamming and sharing tunes over lattes and/or breakfast. This is a lot of fun and all are welcome.

Saturday afternoon (1 -4 pm) is a favorite with the performers holding workshops for kids as well as the community and visitors. There will be several choices offered each hour including many “how-to” compose, teach, play, tune, drum or sing.  Pick and choose whatever looks fun and see how the artists inspire the love of their talents. In between all the happenings, there will be a chance to browse the shops, watch the boats come and go, or take a short walk or hike to our beaches or along the Otterbahn Trail which begins  next to the school. Don’t forget to periodically check out how our visiting artists with “En Plein Air” are doing creating their masterpieces throughout the town!

The main concert begins at 6:15 pm at Susan B. English School with the headliners and six of our 11 group lineup performing.  Check out the schedule as time gets closer. 

Sunday, June 21-

Sunday brings to a close a very busy weekend but not before you get to view the work of our En Plen Air artists and then attend the very popular GOSPEL SING. We will end the fine arts portion of the celebration with an En Plen Air silent auction on Sunday, June 21st starting at 11:30 am until 1:30 pm with snacks and coffee available. The public viewing space at Seldovia’s new pavilion, located adjacent to the boat harbor, will be the place where all can view each artist’s work and where the auction will take place. The Gospel Sing will begin at 2:00 pm (location to be announced); bring your own instrument and/or voice to join along with the festival performers and the community. Song books will be provided.

There is just enough time left to grab your personal belongings and an ice cream cone before saying good-bye to new and old friends and a memorable weekend of fun, song, and fond memories from a very special place by the sea! The Seldovia Bay Ferry departs at 4:30 pm. Thanks for coming and see you next year!!!

The entire festival passes are: adults $49, teens $16, and kids under 12 Free. Single night performances are: adults $25 and teens $8. Early bird festival passes (adults $39 and teens $15) are available locally at Thyme on the Boardwalk and Linwood Bar and Grill until 5 pm Wednesday, June 17th .

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Authored by Margie McCord.
HTML by Sadi Synn, May 27, 2015

    Concert Performance Schedule

                                                                  Friday, June 19
                                                                             Times are P.M.

                               Saturday, June 20


All  evening  performances  will  be  in  the  Susan  B.  English  School  Commons.
The  gate  opens  for  seating  at  6:00  pm;  admission  is  by  ticket  only.  Proceeds
from  t-shirt  sales  benefit  the  Seldovia  Arts  Council  and  help  fund  the  solstice
festival;  sale  of  CDs  benefits  the  artists  and  performers. Food sales benefit the
Fine Arts Camp (Jul 13-18).

Restrooms  for  festival  attendees  are  in  hallways  adjacent  to  the  school  Commons; 
ask  at the  gate  for  directions.  Food  and  drink  are  not  permitted  in  the
Commons  or  classrooms. The  school  is  a  non-smoking  area.  Lost  &  Found  is  at
the  gate  during  the  festival;  after  the  festival  lost  items  may  be  retrieved  from
the  Seldovia  City  Office  (907-234-7643).

                               Saturday Afternoon

1 PM

Arranging Tunes/  Harmonizing: 

Ynvil Vatn Guttu

and Elena Lukina

Playing in Alternative

Guitar Tunings: 

David Lynn Grimes

Guitar Fret Board


Swing 49

Playing Well Together: 

Shelby and Tieg and

Food for the Soul

2 PM

Musical Improv/

Parlor in the Round: 

Kevin Worrell and

Betsy Scott

Beyond the Hohum Strum/

Put the Lead in Your Rhythm: 

The Nuther Brothers


Composing to Completion: 

Hurricane Dave and

Clark Whitney

The Healing Power of Music:  

The Charmer’s Daughters

3 PM

Traditional Drumming

and Dance: 


                                      SELDOVIA  ARTS  COUNCIL
                         Summer  Solstice  Music  Festival  Crew

Festival Committees:
Organizing Committee: Darlene Crawford, Suzie Stranik, Betsy Scott, Margie McCord, Rebecca Lambourn, Laurel Hilts, Sadi Synn, Tobben, Brian Slover and Tania Spurkland
Ad Design:  Laurel HIlts
Dessert Sales: Margie McCord
Emcees: Laurel Hilts and Kevin Worrell
En Plein Air: Brian Slover & Tania Spurkland
Financials  and  Sponsorship: Darlene Crawford and Tobben  Spurkland
Gate: Darlene Crawford and Tobben Spurkland
Green  Room:  Ted and Patti Stallings
Housing:  Jerry  Stranik
Local Performances: Rebecca Lambourn and Betsy Scott
Open  Mic:  Laurel Hilts
Merchandise:  Tania  Spurkland and Heidi Swearington
Performer  Dinner:  Suzie Stranik
Performer Packet:  Suzie Stranik
Photography:  Darlene Crawford
Program: Darlene Crawford, Rebecca Lambourn and Tania Spurkland
Program Design:  Kathleen  George
Program  Printing:  Donated  by  Seldovia Village Tribe
Publicity: Margie McCord, Tania  Spurkland, Suzie Stranik and Laurel Hilts
Sound:  Sadi  Synn
Stage  Design:  Betsy Scott and Laurel Hilts
Stage  Managers:  Bob  Moser  and Rosanna McInnes
Travel:  Darlene Crawford
Venue Setup:  Tobben  Spurkland and Sadi Synn
Website: Sadi Synn
Workshops: Rebecca Lambourn
Yoga: Jennifer Gordan

Thank  you  to  the  many  Seldovia  Arts  Council  and  other  community
members  who  helped  plan  and  stage  this  festival.

A  special  thank  you  to
Renee  Purpura  for  cheerfully  helping  out  with  the  use  of  the  school
thanks  in  advance  to  all  those  folks  who  turn  out  to  help  us  clean  up:
Monday  10am  (or  as  announced  at  Saturday’s  performance)

Seldovia   Arts   Council

Chairman  of  the  Board:  Tobben Spurkland
Vice -chairman: Rebecca Lambourn
Treasurer:  Darlene Crawford
Secretary:  Laurel Hilts
Board  of  Directors:  Suzie  Stranik, Sadi Synn,
Betsy Scott, Brian Slover, Tania Spurkland,
Margie McCord and Stephanie Blanchard

The  Seldovia  Arts  Council  thanks  its
Seldovia  Summer  Solstice  Music  Festival

The  Seldovia  Arts  Council  would  like  to  especially  thank  the  Alaska  State
Council  on  the  Arts  for  their  continued  support  of  the  arts  programming  in
our  community!

MegaStar  ($500+)

Gerald M. Stranik DDS
Seldovia Village Tribe
Mike Webber                 
Tania & Tobben Sprukland
Elitewood Cabinets, Ed Packer

SuperStar  ($200+)
Tim & Savanna Lethin
Mike Miller
Laid Back in Seldovia
Crabpot Grocery
Mary Jo Stanley
Ted & Ginny Moore
Lew & Jackie Dickinson
Gary L. Saudy, DDS
Star    (<$200)

Betsy Scott & Stuart Felberg
Margie & Byron McCord
Carolyn A. Strand
John & Andrea Dittrich
Jay-Brant Construction LLC
Andy Criscuolo
Tami Holt
John M. Sedor
Hopkins Brothers Construction
Ken Morton & Dolly Larkin

Housing  donors

Margie & Byron McCord
Gary L. Saudy & John Sparaga
Suzie & Jerry Stranik
Tania & Tobben  Spurkland
Val  &  Zane  Henning
Shelley Forsberg
Ginny & Ted Moore
Rebecca Lambourn & Stanley Coleman
Gary F. Milton
Vivian Rojas
Joy and Roy Watanabe
Mary Klinger
Dave and Dan Jorgensen

Other  in-kind  donations

Seldovia Village Tribe
Susan  B.  English  School
Seldovia  Chamber  of  Commerce
City  of  Seldovia
Thyme on the Boardwalk
Amon’s  Café
Boardwalk Hotel
Salmon Annie’s
Linwood Bar And Grill
Perry’s Café
Peninsula Clarion
Homer Tribune
Homer  News
Jennifer Gordan
Kathleen  George
Vicki Tinker

Thank You!

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