Seldovia Summer Solstice Music Festival
June 20, 21, 22, 23 - 2019

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20th Annual
Seldovia Summer Solstice Music Festival
and Higgy’s En Plein Air Event
Celebrating the light in scenic Seldovia

SELDOVIA, ALASKA, May 22, 2019 -- Seldovia is the perfect destination for celebrating this year’s Summer Solstice weekend, June 20th-23rd.  Visitors from near and far are invited to come join us for the 20th Annual Seldovia Summer Solstice Music Festival, featuring a stellar line up of musicians and artists that audience members won’t soon forget!

The four-day weekend is packed with musical and artistic events, ranging from both Main Stage and Main Street performances, to open air art, workshops, song circles, and much more.

Starting on Thursday, June 20th, folks traveling to Seldovia can listen to Festival musicians doing a Ferry Jam onboard the Seldovia Bay Ferry’s Kachemak Voyager.  Later that evening, a free Open Mic night features visitors and locals who loosely aspire for, and receive, local fame and glory.

Friday kicks off the fifth year of our Higgy’s En Plein Air event, featuring artists Sarah McIntyre (illustrator) and Jen Joliff (painter).  Workshops Friday morning for children and adults are followed by open air painting throughout the weekend.  The afternoon will find musicians playing in businesses spanning the length of Main Street, with a new performance every half hour or so.  Friday night is our first Main Stage concert, including headlining performers, the exciting guitar playing of the Sahnas Brothers (Thano and Demitri) with violinist Suzanne Langford, plus the vintage and fusion sounds of Tumbledown House.  Expect to be captivated.

Awaken on Saturday morning just in time for a hot coffee and a song circle at the Seldovia Boardwalk Hotel.  Workshops on Saturday afternoon feature En Plein Air artists and Festival headlining musicians.  The final night of Main Stage performances is Saturday night.

On Sunday afternoon, Higgy’s En Plein Air has an exhibit of all the works of art created over the weekend, plus a silent auction and other art pieces available for sale.  The entire weekend wraps up with a BBQ at Schooner’s Beach, only accessible by water.

If you’re intrigued by all that we have planned, we invite you to come to our quaint community by the sea that can only be reached by boat or plane - tucked away from the highway system, traffic lights, crowds, and the bustle of the rest of the world. Enjoy the pristine waters where otters and eagles abound, where snow-capped mountains provide the backdrop to this unique setting for four days of music, art, and opportunities to relax and make new friends! The forest beckons you to explore its dense paths and breathtaking vistas, while long beaches promise hours of exploration for sea glass, shells, treasures from days gone by, and surprises that reveal themselves at minus tide (a camera is a must!).

Take a deep breath and prepare for a relaxing and fun-filled weekend. Check out the festival on Facebook: Seldovia Summer Solstice Music Festival. Additional info on Seldovia can be found at

Susan Mumma
....will kick off the 20th anniversary performances with her engaging styles as a singer/songwriter. 

Image: Musician Susan Mumma, multi-artist.

Susan Mumma, arts advocate, arts teacher, artist, singer of songs, lover of all instruments ,  instigator, creator, environmentalist,  resident of Seldovia for 44 years.
She is the creator of the Seldovia Rowing Club Bed and Breakfast on the Old Boardwalk,  South Central Alaska's first bed and breakfast, operating since, 1980. She is host of Crazy Crow House Concerts, helping musicians for 15 years, currently teaching arts and ukulele  and selling her own watercolors at Boardwalk Arts on the Old Boardwalk. 
Festival mother.
She will share some original songs and stories with you.

The Sahnas Brothers
Suzanne Lansford

Image: musicians the Sahnas Brothers

Beautifully blending the sounds and rhythms of their native Greek culture with the warm, inviting romance of the classical Spanish guitar, brothers Thano and Demitri Sahnas have created a magical and intimate Mediterranean style that perfectly complements the powerful jazz-fusion of their popular Phoenix based band “turning Point”. Sahnas- as the brothers are collectively known-has enthralled thousands of people at clubs and arts and crafts throughout the Southwest with their unique hybrid sound.

When they’re not touring as two-fifths of Turning Point, the brothers are together playing the music they love in the nylon based style they first discovered at 11 years old. In 2005, Moondo Records released their first two independent albums: “From Mykonos to Madrid” ( a mix of covers and originals that captured their sensual Mediterranean spirit) and “Odyssey” which urged listeners to “explore their passion”. “Romanza”, their perfectly titled third release, takes this concept to even deeper places in the heart, finding the true emotional core of some of the world’s best loved pop songs.

Many of the Sahnas’fans may wonder how two Greek brothers who brew up playing traditional Greek instruments developed such an affinity for Spanish music. “When our father’s parents came over from Greece, they settled in Arizona, but many of our mom’s relatives lived south of the Border,” says Demitri. “We spent a lot of time there and our uncles would teach us Latin rhythms and flamenco music. Our album “Odyssey” is an exploration of how all of these wonderful influences blend together.”

The music of Turning point and Sahnas as a Spanish Guitar Duo appeals to fans of many of the top rock, R&B and smooth jazz artists they have opened for, from Michael McDonald to Little Feat, chill performer Praful, acid jazzers Down to the Bone and the Rippingtons. Over the years they’ve also shared stages with Craig Chaquico, Otmar Liebert, Mark Antoine, the Commodores, James Brown and more.

“Our work as a duo doesn’t compete with Turning Point”,  says Demitri, “because they really work Hand in Hand. The styles of music really do complement each other and Sahnas is simply an extension of what we do artistically. We love the fact that we have an opportunity to express ourselves in two different ways, and that fans of instrumental music are very receptive to both. That’s where the true passion and intensity of the music lies for us, in the exciting interactions we have with the audience.”

For Thano and Demitri ,their mission is simple, play music that touches the heart  and perm it with passion!

Suzanne Lansford

Image: musician Suzanne Lansford

Suzanne’s Mom and Dad taught her all kinds of music before she could even walk. They also say it took a very long time before she began to walk! Beginning with classical lessons and quitting them at 13 to play jazz at the Arizona Biltmore and other venues and radio shows across Phoenix and Scottsdale, Suzanne has always kept music high on the list. In Chicago she was with Chicago’s eclectic classical/jazz/Latin group, the 3rd Coast String Quartet, and even today when visiting  Chicago, she makes time to visit with and play Gypsy Jazz with Alfonso Ponticelli and Swing Gitan at the Green Mill.

In rural Florida she was immersed in bluegrass, twice winning the Yee-Haw Junction Bluegrass Fiddle Championship. Back home in Phoenix since 2011, she doesn’t have time to pick a favorite genre because everything gets cameos of Latin, Jazz, Classical- even Blues, Greek and Scottish flavors. It’s all fair play. During the day, Suzanne is a registered professional engineer (PE-electrical) for nuclear power and public infrastructure projects through her firm, REDD Inc.

Tumbledown House

Image: Musicians, Tumbledown House band

San Francisco Bay Area songwriting deviants, Tumbledown House, have never been easy to describe. Modern speakeasy, saloon jazz, parlor pop, and Tom Waits in a cocktail dress are some of the terms used, but none of these successfully convey the band’s incomparable ability to fuse vintage sounds and themes from yesteryear with the modern instrumentation, refreshingly original compositions, and raw energy that we expect from today’s performers.

TDH began in the rain-soaked streets of Portland, Oregon back in 2009. Since then, the band has performed over 850 shows throughout 25 states and has recently released their third full-length studio album, “Sum and Substance”. In 2012, the band relocated to the San Francisco Bay area, where they teamed up with clarinet virtuoso Zac Johnson, upright bass wizard Ryan Lukas, and creative percussionist Aaron Kierbel,  who provide the perfect sonic landscaped for the intricately crafted songs of sultry vocalist Gillian Wolfe and producer/guitarist Tyler Ryan Miller. The resulting group has become just as notorious for their raucous speakeasy parties as they are adored for their intimate seated events, which are oftentimes enriched by lush storytelling; their ability to charm audiences of all walks of life is making Tumbledown House a rising festival favorite throughout Northern California and beyond.

TDH latest album, Sum and Substance, is a slight departure from the vaudevillian carnival ride of their earlier work. Accessing a certain Vulnerability, the album showcases the growth and maturity that the band has experienced as artists and songwriters, while still holding on to a bit of the whimsical playfulness that sets them apart from other acts.

Following the release of their second album, “Fables and Falsehoods” (featuring several members of the New Orleans Dirty Dozen Brass Band. TDH resumed their extensive touring schedule to “quickly ascend as one of the new promising acts of the Rocky Mountain Region (Pop Rocket Press).

Kat Moore

Image: Musician Kat Moore

Six bands and at least 350 miles of Alaska highway. That’s a standard week for multi-instrumentalist and all-around energy beacon Kathryn Moore, B.A. Music ’14.
If you’ve seen a show in Anchorage, you’ve probably seen Kat, either electrifying the crowd on stage or keeping things lively in the crowd. She’s a pianist and vocalist for the Super Saturated Sugar Strings, and performs solo as The Forest That Never Sleeps, but that’s just the obvious stuff. Any given week, she’ll be supporting friends’ acts, filling in on lineups, booking future shows and, of course, practicing at home.
She entered UAA as a self-defined “leisure pianist,” but the music program’s emphasis on classical roots and musical theory provided new skills, both academic and applied.
“It broadened me as a musician,” she said. She gained confidence through frequent Friday recitals. Theory and analysis classes “gave me a way to communicate music to other people.” And as simple as its sounds, she learned how to practice.
“[Professors Karen Strid-Chadwick and Timothy Smith] basically taught me the importance of practicing, how to best time manage it, and also how to effectively focus during practicing,” she added. “That was really special.”
Though she didn’t go into a music education career, Kat still felt ready for the world.
“The depth of the education I received at UAA allowed me to take it and make it my own, in a way that works for me as a career musician in this community,” she said. “They’ve given me the education and enabled me with a toolset. Now, I get to do whatever I want with it.

    Daryl and the Scribs

Image: Musical Band = Garyl And The Scribs

    When Samuel Scribner, Zack Scribner, and Daryl Wheeler first played together in 2016, a rare telepathic bond was formed between the trio. Being able to effectively translate each other's thoughts, they knew that they had to form a band. Ever since, Daryl and the Scribs have rocked Seldovian locals for years. Performing a unique assortment of rock, blues, and funk, all members of Daryl and the Scribs have written and released a wide variety of original music over the years, further proving their names as serious musicians. With each member’s distinct creative style, Daryl and the Scribs have provided a unique, jazzy take on the rock classics from bands like The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, or Jimi Hendrix that we all know and love today. The band has since learned to evolve their studio and live sound in a new and exciting manner by integrating more original material. As of 2019, Daryl and the Scribs have used their special abilities to establish a live act that never disappoints.

Emily Anderson

Image: Musician Emily Anderson of Alaska

An encounter with Emily Anderson’s music is unmistakably a magical affair. And while she has no shortage of credentials to back the claim-a gifted multi-instrumentalist, prolific song writer, and graduate of the esteemed Berklee College of Music in Boston- Emily has in tandem something arguably more important: something pure, distinct, and extraordinary to show us.

Like stumbling into a rose garden on a trek through the arctic, listeners of Emily’s music find themselves helplessly lifted into a world so hauntingly familiar, and yet so enchantingly curious. With a voice of untouchable purity and lyricism of remarkable wit and poignancy, Emily cradles matters of the human heart with an almost impossible sweetness.

“Emily’s music is pure and could serve as the soundtrack to awaken one’s spirit.  It offers a bright light where there is darkness and exposes Anderson’s visionary world.”
Robert Foran III, Anchorage Press

“Emily Anderson’s music shatters the imagery you might have of surviving the long dark winters while living in Fairbanks, AK.
One might expect dark introspection, or a songwriter who bites back at life, but the songs on “Simple Things” are warm and emotive while holding a strong conviction that will keep you listening to these smartly written stories.  Listener response has been strong and they want to know how they can get the CD so they can hear more!”

Loren Dixon, Director of Programming 90.3 KNBA, Music Matters; also on Facebook and Instagram.

Noah Proctor
Kelly Baber

Image: Musicians Kelly Baber and Noah Proctor

Noah Proctor has been playing guitar since his first and only lesson 15 years ago and performs songs from a broad range of genres and artists.  As a working cowboy managing Solid Rock Ranch, music, poetry, and storytelling are a part of his heritage and his daily life.

Kelly Baber grew up in Belgrade, Montana, where the Rocky Mountains meet the Great Plains. Although she was classically trained for 10 years, she prefers to play by ear. She loves to play any sort of old country, blues, or fiddle music and is always looking to broaden her repertoire by collaborating with other musicians.

A schedule of the Seldovia Summer Solstice Festival follows:
Schedule of Events:

Thursday, June 20
Ferry Jam – 11:00 a.m. on the MV Kachemak Voyager from Homer to Seldovia
No Host Volunteer/Performer/Artist Dinner – 5:30 p.m. at the Linwood
Open Mic – 8:00 p.m. in the Susan B. English School Commons

Friday, June 21
Higgy’s En Plein Air art event – 9:00 a.m. kick off at the Gateway Pavilion and refreshments at the Boardwalk Hotel will follow.
Headliner Artists Presentation – 11a.m – 1 pm (adults) and 2:00 pm – 3:30 pm (children) . at the SVT Conference Center.
Live Performances – starting at 1:00 p.m. at local businesses
Friday Evening Performance on the Main Stage – 6:30 p.m. in the Susan B. English School Commons

Saturday, June 22
Yoga – 8:30 a.m. at the Sea Otter Community Center
Higgy’s En Plein Air artists continue creating around town.
Song Circle – 10:00 a.m. on the Boardwalk Hotel deck
Workshops – 1:00 - 4:00 p.m. in the Susan B. English School Commons
Dinner – 4:30 pm performers/artists dinner hosted by the Seldovia Arts Council at the Susan B. English School cafeteria

Saturday Evening Performance on the Main Stage – 6:30 p.m. at the Susan B. English School Commons

Sunday, June 23rd
Higgy’s En Plein Air Silent Auction and Exhibition – 1:30 - 3:30 p.m. at the Gateway Pavilion
Higgy’s En Plein Air Schooner Beach Picnic  – Meet at 5:00 pm at the Gateway Pavilion
If you decide to participate in our Higgy’s En Plein Air 2019 please contact
Tania Spurkland at 907-202-2740 or
by email at or
Vivian Rojas at
Thank you!

Summer Music Festival Organizing Committee
Seldovia Arts Council, PO Box 257, Seldovia, AK 99663

Performance Schedule
Thursday - Open Mic'
 8:00 P.M

Friday Sound Checks A.M.
10:00  Tumbledown House
10:30  Sahnas Brothers and Suzanne Lansford
11:00  Daryl And The Scribs
11:15  Noah
11:30  Susan Mumma
11:45  Emily/Kat/Mariah
12:00  Kat Moore

Friday Busking
12:00  Noah - Harbor Inn
12:40  Daryl And The Scribs - Linwood Bar And Grill
 1:20  Kat Moore - Boardwalk Pub And Grill
 2:00  Susan Mumma - Perry's Cafe
 2:40  Emily Anderson/Kat Moore/Mariah Phelps

Mainstage Performances
 6:30  Susan Mumma
 6:50  Noah Proctor and Kelly Baber
 7:40  Sahnas Brothers and Suzanne Lansford


 9:00  Special Presentation
 9:10  Tumbledown House
10:15  Kat Moore

 6:30  Emily Anderson/Kat Moore/Mariah Phelps
 7:20  Tumbledown House


 8:40  Sahnas Brothers and Suzanne Lansford
 9:45  Daryl And The Scribs
10:35  Collaboration

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