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Performer Applications here in PDF and DOCx.

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The Seldovia Arts Council (SAC) board would like to invite you to apply to perform at the

2018 Seldovia Summer Music Festival June 21 - 24, 2018 celebrating the pending arrival

of our longest day of the year. We believe that you would add a very special dimension to our unique, fun-filled eclectic solstice festival.

Seldovia is one of the most picturesque little towns in Alaska. Everything is within walking distance of the center of town. You can stroll along the boardwalk, go for a walk on the Otterbahn Trail, or enjoy the harbor with all its beautiful boats and dinghies. You can amble into a local restaurant or coffee shop for a snack or a meal. Then, breathe: the air is fresh

and even on a rainy day the salt air will take you back to the days of commercial fishing, to

the world of the sea otter and sailing ships. We are a small community of approximately 400 people, which is only accessible by boat or small plane. We have a few B & B's, several restaurants, a small hotel, a post office, two churches, a grocery store and a bar and grill with

a full dinner menu. The little downtown is paved, while the rest of town sports dirt roads.

Here you will find the best little festival ever, which is going into its 18th year. You’re sure to get an up close and personal experience with folksingers and musicians from all over Alaska and, these days, the world. Our festival is an indoor concert setting where artists enjoy the full attention of the audience. We usually have two headliners performing Friday and Saturday nights complimented by up to a dozen other groups performing one night or the other.

Festivities Schedule:

  • Thursday, June 21st

Performers and visitors (that are able due to their schedules) board a local tour boat around 10:30 a.m. in Homer. As they sail towards Seldovia, there is a musical jam session onboard that sets the tone of excitement for the weekend’s activities. Arrival in Seldovia is around noon. More detail regarding reimbursement and travel information will be provided later.

Seldovia Arts Council and community members provide housing in their private homes or B & B’s. Volunteers and performers meet for a no host dinner at the Linwood Bar and Grill: 5 pm.

The En Plein Air Art Festival will be taking place throughout the weekend; more about that later!

Open Mic at Susan B. English School Commons: 8:00 pm. This event is entering its sixth year and is gaining popularity! Headliners and performers are not required by contract to attend…but we sure appreciate the support! This evening features non-festival performers.

  • Friday, June 22rd

Sound checks for performers in am and early afternoon.

Afternoon performances scheduled throughout town (Busking), at sponsoring businesses.

Festival performance at Susan B. English School (SBE) Commons: 6:30 pm - 11:00 pm. There is one intermission.

  • Saturday, June 23th

En Plein Air event continues.

Workshops at Susan B. English School: 1 - 4 pm (sessions usually last 1 hour).

Dinner for performers hosted by the Arts Council after workshops: 4:30 pm in the school cafeteria.

Festival performance at Susan B. English School (SBE) Commons: 6:30 pm - 11:00 pm. There is one intermission.

A post-concert jam is usually held at the beach over a bonfire or at a local home.

  • Sunday, June 24th

Enjoy a leisurely morning exploring Seldovia, by going for a short hike on the Otterbahn Trail or by visiting some of our unique gift and coffee shops. Sunday will also be the final day of our new

arts festival running concurrently with the music festival.

En Plein Air” is in its fourth year with an invitation to artists from around Alaska to spend the weekend depicting their impressions of beautiful Seldovia in various media with many of their masterpieces being for sale on Sunday. You can stroll to various venues and observe the artists at work! The Finale’ silent art auction and exhibition begins at 1:30 pm in the Seldovia Pavilion.

Enjoy a nice, restful afternoon before preparing to head back out on the boat, and dream of returning to Seldovia once again.

Area tour boats depart around 4:00 pm. Get on board to head back to Homer and your final destination.

General Information

In return for your performance (20 to 25 minutes, to be determined) Friday or Saturday evening, the Seldovia Arts Council will provide your housing during the festival and will provide a stipend for boat transportation across the bay to and from Homer. A pass to the festival will be issued to each performer upon arrival in Seldovia. Your guests will be responsible for their own transportation and for purchasing their own passes. They are also responsible for their own housing, unless they will share a room with you. We expect that you will not perform outside of the Festival venue during the Festival program, unless performing during the day at a sponsoring business (as coordinated by the Seldovia Arts Council).

You may be asked to present a workshop Saturday afternoon geared toward fellow musicians and the community. Our Festival affords a great opportunity for the performers to not only fall in love with our town, but to also get to know each other through jamming, busking, workshops and casual get-togethers, so we request that you are here for as much of the festival as possible. Our main venue is the Susan B. English School Commons (capacity of 250 people) which we turn into a concert stage and audience area. It is a drug/alcohol/tobacco free facility.

Housing: we house everyone in private homes or B& B’s. There are some very sweet custom homes in town. Many folks come to the festival from Homer, Kenai and Anchorage. Some camp, but the weather can be wet, so we need to leave the commercial accommodations free for our audiences.

Find a festival application form linked here in PDF and DOCx. We are now accepting applications, and will attempt to respond to your application as soon as possible. 

We are looking forward to hearing from you. Please send your application to Seldovia Arts Council, PO Box 257, Seldovia, Alaska, 99663 or email it to

Questions? Please call 907-399-7379.

Summer Music Festival Organizing Committee

Seldovia Arts Council, PO Box 257, Seldovia, AK 99663

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